A property sale is a process built of several steps. We therefore offer a few made-to-measure packages that can be booked individually or as a whole in order to structure this sales procedure according our methodology and guarantees according

Package nr. 1: Verification of the Sellability of a Property

Flat rate of CHF 1'000.--
  • for individual owners
Flat rate of CHF 3'000.--
  • in case of ownership of 2 to 4 people
Price on demand
  • for larger owner or inheritance communities, incl. limited companies, trusts, foundations, etc.
Included services
  • structured meeting and interview with all owners
  • first short feedback after the meeting
  • detailed report with recommendations
  • general visit of the property and location in question
Extra for a valuation
  • CHF 2'000.-- for single homes or villas, with 2 methods
  • presentation of an extract of the land registry
  • ideally a set of plans of the property in question
  • the property must be located in Switzerland

Package nr. 2: Actual Marketing of the Property

Prices from CHF 5'000.-
  • for properties that are legally sellable
Included Services
  • defining the target buyer audience
  • presenting the property on internet portals and newspapers and other channels read by the target audience
  • registration and due diligence of interested buyers
  • reporting of all activities

Package nr. 3: Defining and implementing the type of auction

Prices from CHF 5'000.--
  • for properties that are legally sellable
Included Services
  • defining the type of auction according available documents
  • property viewings with proven bidders
  • negotiations with bidders
  • registration of bids
  • assistance up to and during notary meetings
  • handover of the property to the buyers
  • the marketing of the property must have taken place

General Conditions: all above amounts in CHF are exclusive of the auctioning commission of generally 5% of the achieved selling price and will be deducted from the auction commission in case of a successful transaction and subject to the commission amount is not lower than the prepaid total of all packages. All values are exclusive of Swiss VAT of currently 7,7% and subject to contractual agreements. Packages 2 and 3 are a mix of internal and external (third party) services. Kickback agreements are possible, subject to services provided by the sellers.


Affoltern am Albis, 1st of July 2019 / Subject to modification without notice!