The brand „PROPERTY-AUCTIONS.CH“ has been founded and developed by Martin Göppert in order to sell - on behalf of private vendors  - property exclusively by a confidential bidding method, no matter whether it is an apartment of a minimum size, plots, castles, hotels or any other building. The brand acts under the legal roof of „IM Immobilien und Marketing GmbH“, a limited company with its head-office in Baar, Switzerland. The company is fully owned and controlled by Martin Göppert.

Martin has been an entrepreneur since 1996 with a unique and large network of contacts within Switzerland and world-wide.


Martin Göppert, born in 1964, has a Swiss Federal Diploma as an Expert in Tourism Management, he is nowadays mainly active as an auctioneer and Estateosopher in Switzerland but also at international level. His detailed CV can be found here. Professional references in media can be found here.


Friends and business partners, maybe also his professional rivals, would probably confirm that Martin Göppert is a cosmopolitan person, down-to-earth, coming to the point, constantly searching new targets, very reliable and discreet. He can also be a persistent and quite direct, but also very detail-minded. Besides his work, he dedicates a lot of time to winter sports as well as biking, golfing and hiking in the summer months. Year-round, he has a large interest in politics, contemporary history, humanity and peace on Earth. For remaining mentally fit, he likes to play cards with friends. On www.martin-goeppert.ch more information about him can be downloaded.


  • more than 100 real estate transactions in a bit over 20 years of professional activity
  • sale by auction of his parents’ home on their request
  • some buyers have also recommended him to sellers of properties
  • visitors of this webpage can become a reference, because Martin has no fear of any new contacts
  • Martin is happy to answer whatever question a person may have